by Jeremy Gloff

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released May 9, 2011

All songs written by Jeremy Gloff except:
THIS (Jeremy Gloff/Okie Tilo/Shadrick Ferrer/Pat Maue)
BACK & FORTH (Jeremy Gloff/Sena Alborzian/Macaviti)
SMALL CITY (Jeremy Gloff/Shunda K)
MANHUNT (Jeremy Gloff/Geoffrey Dicker)

all songs copyright 2011 Riotboy Music ASCAP

Keyboards: Jeremy Gloff (all tracks) Paul Catala (tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 10)

Guitars: Jeremy Gloff (tracks 5, 6, 7, 9) Brian Flanagan (tracks 2, 3, 10) Richard Smyth Jr. (tracks 4, 8, 9) Pat Maue (tracks 3, 9)

Bass: Pat Maue (tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 10)

Vocals: Anye’ Cole (track 1), Macaviti (track 4), Shunda K (track 6), Whitney Hogan (track 4,7) Ricky Diamond (track 7) Okie Tilo (track 1, 3) Brian Flanagan (track 5) Steven Ballard (track 3) Don LeBlanc (track 3) Dawn Heidemann (track 4) Kristan Bright (track 9) Vanessa Brown (track 9) Melissa Carroll (track 10) Ian Koteles (track 10) Evan Koteles (track 10) Jeff Brawer (track 6) Aubrey Bramble (track 1) JJ Vicars (track 1) Big Nugg (track 6)

Hand claps: Jeremy Gloff, Paul Catala, Brian Flanagan, Spyro Konofaos, Brent Baumann

Choir (track 3, 10): Jeremy Gloff, Melissa Carroll, Steven Ballard, Okie Tilo, Stewart Osborne, Jensen Reveron, Melissa Macchia, Jess Hille, Richard Smyth Jr. Brian Flanagan, Melissa Carroll, Jeremy Gloff

Record, Engineered, and Mastered at Atomic Audio by Mark Nikolich + Produced by Jeremy Gloff and Mark Nikolich + Photography: Colleen Gorlewski + Stylist: Steven Ballard + Graphic Design and Layout: Chris Zenger + Manager: Okie DeMann + Thanks to Okie and Madonna for the ideas + THIS is dedicated to all the non-virgins of the world



all rights reserved


Jeremy Gloff Tampa, Florida

Jeremy Gloff is an independent musician and writer residing in Tampa, Florida. Since his first album in 1993 Gloff has released a respectable 17 solo albums on his own Riotboy Records label. In 2013 released his 18th solo album INSIDE OF BLUE BUILDINGS - celebrating twenty years of making music. ... more

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Track Name: This (feat. Anye' Cole)
Got style
You know I’m independent
Got cash
You know I’m gonna spend it
Glamorous – I am this

You say you’re just a friend
You’re kissing me again
I’m boiling mad jealous
When you’re
Leaving with my friend
Slither into pieces
Crawling back for more
I will take the bed
You will take the floor
‘Cause I’m letting you go
I’m letting you go (x4)


We’re sitting in my car
Parked behind a church
You say to calm down
Let me tell you this first
I don’t replay bad films you know
You and your
Hurtful mouth should go
‘Cause I’m letting you go (x4)


Eat this – Lick this
Kiss this – Suck this