by Jeremy Gloff

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ROMANTICO was my 12th album. The original working concept for the album was a collection of songs dealing with the glee and glory of a new-found crush. My entire back catalog seemed to detail the fall-out and chaos of longing and heartbreak. I wanted to present an examination of the lighter side of bliss.

This original theme was derailed mid-project. My previous two releases chronicled my struggles with some dark and unhealthy behaviors. By the time 2002 rolled around my struggles had morphed into uncontrollable nightmares. If I didn’t change my life soon I knew I’d be dead one way or another.

During this album I began to attend a 12-step support group. Even though these meetings weren’t the most effective path towards my mental well being, they were an important baby step. In conjunction with making some positive lifestyle changes I began writing songs that really dug into the core of my psychology. So ROMANTICO ended up balancing some of my most carefree upbeat songs with some of my most mentally exploratory songs.


released July 10, 2003

Produced by Jeremy Gloff and Mark Nikolich
Recorded and Mastered at Atomic Audio
Written by Jeremy Gloff (Frebruary 2001-September 2002) except “Iodine”
written with Phillip Reardon and “Now and When” written with Jimmy Reese.
All songs copyright 2003 Riotboy Music ASCAP
Drawings: Miguel Perez
Photography: Erin Ritchie
Cover design by Jeremy Gloff and Arson Audio
Jeremy Gloff: vocals, piano, guitar, keyboards
Jimmy Reese: guitars, vocals
Mark Nikolich: bass, guitars
Jeff Bryan: drums
Nick Relyea: violin
Voices: Anna O (“Gotta Have You”), Rebekah Pulley (“Christmas Alone”), Patrick Pintavalle (“Cleaning Time”),
Pat Maue (“Two Day Relapse”), Jennie Rumsey (“Iodine”), Tara Foley (“Overthinking”), Susy Martian (“Thinking
About You” and “Tonight My Heart Is Golden”), and James Ratliff (“Skygazing”).
ROMANTICO is dedicated to my brother Don Hall.



all rights reserved


Jeremy Gloff Tampa, Florida

Jeremy Gloff is an independent musician and writer residing in Tampa, Florida. Since his first album in 1993 Gloff has released a respectable 17 solo albums on his own Riotboy Records label. In 2013 released his 18th solo album INSIDE OF BLUE BUILDINGS - celebrating twenty years of making music. ... more

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Track Name: Now and When
Back to the New York sky
Route 20 – Route 60’s where I
Ran through the freeze and the heat
Working for the better life I live now
And it’s time to go back to the home
That I used to know

Mom did the best that she could
Father could have done a lot more
Time costs no money
Forgiveness makes nobody poor
Confronting the demons I created back then
If I don’t do it now then when?

Back to the NY town
Seedy bars where the college kids drown
Dreams that they say – they probably will not get
They’re not jaded enough to joke about it yet
And it’s time to go back to the home
That I used to know

Crosswords and milkshakes
Convenient store afternoon blues
Bingo saved my life
From the drunks and the self-absorbed fools
I’m digging up coffins that I buried back then
If I don’t do it now then when?
Track Name: Will and Kristin
The last time I saw you there
Pretty lips and dirty hair
Now everyone’s got a hole in their face
I ran like dog when you let me chase you

Kids in a nighttime driveway
Turntable bring sleep our way
My name was on the wall
Do we miss who we were
At that time at all?

Remember I said
What am I doing here?
Remember I said I cannot stay
Remember the hurt?
It’s still buried
Left part of myself there that day.

Check yes or no
’98 San Francisco?
Frenzy – there was no answer still
Sometimes you gotta accept that
If you’re gonna be okay with yourself.
Subways running
Dawn breaks I’m about to shut down
Escape drowning
He never was a red dirt boy