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Jeremy's Wonderland

by Jeremy Gloff

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Took 22 hours to get from Buffalo to Atlanta And strangely it feels I haven’t moved an inch at all The weather here is warmer But the people here are colder Or maybe it’s me who has frozen most of all Took 22 years to get from birth to constant boredom When no one I meet impresses me at all And every conversation rings a little bit hollow Or maybe it’s me who has nothing good to say at all. Chorus: Then I said Where to go shalala My shoes are full of holes but they still get me around Where to go shalala I can go most anywhere at all. The exhaust from my van must’ve killed some brain cells in my head I can’t remember what the fuck brought me here The price of gas is cheaper but there’s nowhere I really wanna drive Except on an interstate heading west Warm California sun… My thoughts return to Buffalo My friends who used to hug me It seems nobody here wants to touch me at all I see vacant eyes, flashy clothes The bottom half of an upturned nose And I said “I gave up everything for this” Chorus The only place I need to fit in Is the body that I’m in
Cloudboy 02:49
Airplanes and jumping trains I know he understands them Shooting stars who sleep in cars I used to live that life Christmas lights shine off his records As they spin There’s more to my people Than dirty jeans and safety pins So I warn him That I could love him He might not feel the same way but that is okay So just be my friend instead Chorus: Cause I’m a cloudboy Yes I’m a cloudboy And I live for the things that a highway can bring Knowing you makes that okay Yes I’m a cloudboy “Free as a bird” says the jukebox and he sings along And here at this table sit people who live like that song Homeless Larry with coffee must wonder if life has a cause Or if Jesus will turn out to be just like Santa Claus I look at Holly…Keith and Aaron And the boy in the corner who’s making me smile Showing me doing nothing can be worthwhile Repeat Chorus Now watch me hit the highway
God I’m lucky I met you Wish I felt more stable than I do I often feel I’m in outer space But when you sing in your car I felt I found my place I love trains and the speed they go A backpack and a jump we’re in Mexico I wanna rest my mouth on top of your head But I think you’re happy on your side of the bed Don’t let these moments die… Chorus: Too much love and I don’t know where I should point it to Too much love and I don’t know if I should give it to you Asleep on my shoulder yellow lines speed by And the clouds perform magic in the Florida sky The best feeling I’ve ever had I cry a lot lately and it’s not because I’m sad I love trains they ain’t got no town You’re a lot like them no one can hold you down I really like it when you sleep here But the cold night after is what I fear Don’t let these moments die Repeat Chorus It’s all good…that’s what you’d say right now It’s all good…I know that’s what you’d say right now I’ve got Repeat Chorus Too much love and I know I want to sleep next to you And when I run will I run to you or run far away?
Wonderland 04:09
A bridge that holds two sides is not forever When you sleep a certain way it’s hard to change Maybe stars and stripes should never be together But patterns are so hard to re-arrange My step-father bought her a car But her needs are bigger than his are This might be her one chance to be alive I love to ride the subway and watch strangers It’s like a motion picture but it’s real This life of bugs and gunshots isn’t so bad after all But I hope it’s not the only life I’ll know My mother feels her whole life’s been a waste My grandma’s gone to a higher place And I wonder what it means to be alive Some people claim they’d really like to hurt me But still I’m gonna walk the streets alone If people won’t talk to you anymore Were they ever really your friends? Sometimes it takes getting crazy To see you need to change So I leave them with their silly traps And go out collecting dots on maps I see now that they’ll never see A casualty of who I used to be Well I found a way I love to be alive Long distance running…
Pretty Soft 02:25
Waves 03:04
Run 04:54
Bad Season 03:49


January '97 found me in bad shape. I was in Atlanta without transportation. I didn't enjoy my job at WalMart. I struggled with establishing friendships. I was briefly interested in a boy but the relationship soured quickly. This further compromised my stability. A late night mental meltdown led me to the decision that it was best I return to New York. Thankfully a friend of mine had driven down to vacation and she let me ride back North with her.

Upon returning to Fredonia I reconciled with my family and stayed with them a bit. Then I stayed in Buffalo. Then Pittsburgh. Then Atlanta again. Then Pittsburgh. Eventually I settled in Fredonia, once again sleeping on the floor of a close friend.

During all this moving about I'd written the travelogue that became JEREMY'S WONDERLAND. I was feeling idealistic and whimsical. This was the spring of Hale-bop and I had the privilege of viewing that comet with a lot of different skylines in the background. I etched the words "live your life as free as possible" on sidewalks and benches and bus terminals and everywhere. We hosted some amazingly intense house shows.

After the thick and synthesized textures of MIDNIGHT BLOOMING and SONGS ABOUT STUPID PEOPLE I went for an earthier open-air sound on WONDERLAND. While SONGS ABOUT STUPID PEOPLE was recorded in isolation, these new songs were recorded with friends in the room and doors open. I can still hear the wheels of the 1997 highway and remember the way those summer stars bathed my face.


released July 9, 1997

These songs were written, produced, arranged, and performed by Jeremy Gloff (unless noted)
Recorded and mixed by Jeremy at Food Boobs Studio - Fredonia NY (thanks Joshua)
All songs copyright 1997 Riotboy Music ASCAP
Photos: Jiouxlie Knapp
Riotboy Logo: Aaron Kreydt
Personal Healer: Pamela Rinehuls
Backup voices: Angels and friends
Constant financial and emotional support: A.D.S.
Jeremy's Wonderland is dedicated to Greg Greg and Jiouxlie Knapp
All songs written by Jeremy Gloff except:
"I Wanna Sellout" - music written and performed by Greg Greg
"Run" - lyrics by Jeremy Gloff/Anne Fearman
"Distance Thru Life" - music and lyrics by Another Dead Sharon (revised by Jeremy Gloff)
"Where To Go Shalala" - Ellen Wheels by Jiouxlie Knappy (w/Wysocki)
Female vocals by Molly Rinehoudt
"The Joy In This" - whistles by Greg Greg (courtesy of Jocelyn Lash)
Harmony Vocals: Jim Briggs iii
"Wonderland" - co-lead vocals by Valuptuous Chant: Greg Greg, Aaron, Valuptuous, Jeremy
"Long Distance Running" - sopranino recorder by Mellissa Mioni
"Waves" - sax by Ted Isham
"I Wanna Sellout" - German by Amber Coppings
"Song About Stupid People" - Girls: Kortnee, Jocelyn, Kayla / Boys: Big Al, Mike Mitchell, Jeremy Coon
"Sleeping Beauty Dreams" - female vocals by Valuptuous
"Transmissions" - Marta sample courtesy of Greg Greg
"Run" - female vocals by Molly Rinehoudt recorded in May at Josh's parent's house
"Bad Season" - female vocals by Sakura and percussion by Korndog
"Distance Thru Life" - recorded at Josh's parent's house in May
Samples courtesy of Greg Greg - Seagulls by Jill Hayes (the real thing)
CD Remastered by Mark Nikolich at Atomic Audio


all rights reserved



Jeremy Gloff Tampa, Florida

Jeremy Gloff is an independent musician and writer residing in Tampa, Florida. Since his first album in 1993 Gloff has released 23 solo albums with the newest being "Burn It Up! Turn It Up!"

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