Hurricane Lullabies: The Best Of Jeremy Gloff

by Jeremy Gloff

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From 1993 to 1998 I made a bunch of home-recorded albums when I lived in New York - nine to be exact. None of the songs from those albums appear here - they may be highlighted in a different collection someday, perhaps. In 1998 when I moved to Tampa I began recording in a “real” studio and pressing the albums on “real CDs”!!!! This is a collection of songs from all those albums (except for 2004's acoustic ORANGE SONGS - those songs belong together on that album and nowhere else.) Thanks for the ride and for loving these songs enough to be able to make a “greatest hits”. I picked the songs that were in movies, played on college radio, requested most, and loved the most by the people who listen to my music. “Now he drives all year long - windows down - screaming hurricane lullabies...”


released January 8, 2015

All songs written by Jeremy Gloff except:
“So Much In Love” written by Jill Jones and Ian Ginsburg
"Oh Sweet Boy" written by Jeremy Gloff and Pat Maue
“Manhunt” written by Jeremy Gloff and Geoffrey Dicker
“Force Of Nature” written by Jeremy Gloff and Ashley Lash
“White Glint” written by Jeremy Gloff and Alex Kourelis
Photography by Leigh Anne Balzekas - Cover layout by Richard Smyth Jr.
Special thanks to Wanda Stein-Hall for mailing me my childhood pencil bucket
Most songs copyright Riotboy Music ASCAP

Infrawhite” and “In Heat” from SPIN GIRL SPIN (2000)
“The Sound Of My Crashing” and “Losing Fahrenheit” from AMERICA IS LONELY TONIGHT (2001)
“Perfect As You” and “Skygazing” from ROMANTICO (2003)
“Dancing In Your Blue” and “My Silver Lining” from NOW’S THE RIGHT TIME TO FEEL GOOD (2006)
“Lights On” and “Beautiful Boy” from 1987 (2008)
“One Phone Call” and “Oh Sweet Boy” from 21ST CENTURY LOVE SONGS (2009)
“World Won’t Do It” and “Manhunt” from THIS (2011)
“Force Of Nature” and “My Life Is Perfect” from INSIDE OF BLUE BUILDINGS (2013)


all rights reserved



Jeremy Gloff Tampa, Florida

Jeremy Gloff is an independent musician and writer residing in Tampa, Florida. Since his first album in 1993 Gloff has released 22 solo albums.

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Track Name: So Much In Love (Dance Mix)
Love isn’t everything you thought it would be
You’ve got your heart out there for all to see
How many nights you laid there suffering
So lay back and let go
Feel it lifting up your soul
You’re so much in love
You’re so much in love

You want so bad to be someone’s everything
You fabricate yourself a little fantasy
The cars and bars eating up your world
Watch ‘em pass speeding fast
Still you thought you was his girl
You’re so much in love
You’re so much in love
You really think you’re in love
It wouldn’t be the first time…
Track Name: Infrawhite
I cannot promise you forever
I cannot promise you next week
But the words you speak
They make me hopeful again
You haven't complained of my laughing
I've given lots of head but never compromise
There's truth in your eyes
And this scares me

Infrawhite's afraid of love

You haven't tried to get my clothes off
For once I'd like to wait awhile
I enjoy your smile
Maybe one day I'll shiver again
You know it's hard being treated badly
I find it harder to be treated good
In my doorway has stood
A dozen faces

Infrawhite's afraid of love
Into the white…again
(Half an hour's not too far out of your way
Yesterday tomorrow and today
You went from a shiver to a blur
Then you faded away
The case of depression and elation
That will always stay.)
Track Name: In Heat
My thermometer goes up
When I think about you at all
Heat wave burn in the special places tonight
Mercury rise in the neon light
The cat on the fence wants me to have you tonight
I'm in heat.
I’m gonna hit it tonight.

My favorite shirt of yours
Has stripes of green and blue
I wanna be your friend
And I wanna see your underwear too
Whisper words I can't understand
As I claw at the arch of your back
I'm in heat.
I’m gonna hit it tonight.

Don't stop 'till my libido's black and blue
Smother me against the mattress
'Till I can smell the taste of your mouth
I wanna give the signals
My transmitter's receiving
But all I can get out is heavy breathing
I'm in heat.
I'm gonna hit it tonight.
Track Name: The Sound Of My Crashing
I have a feeling
You won’t be showing tonight
I have a feeling
You won’t be showing tonight
I’m invisible and my interchangeable
Machine’s all you wanted to use
You shot through the things that I am
You shot through the things that I am
This is the sound of my crashing.

Never loved nobody
Loved who I felt they could be
Never loved nobody
Just who I felt they could be
I reduce to a fraction
My impulse reaction
Machine’s all you wanted to use
Sold cheaper than what I was worth
Sold cheaper than what I was worth
This is the sound of my crashing.

I will leave a light on
Guard my window
Craving your car to sneak in
Sunrise – my note on the doorway
I doubt that you’ll show but in case you will know I have waited.

So cheap – expensive too
Don’t kiss me – I don’t love you
Feels wrong – feels right
Sold myself out tonight.
Track Name: Losing Fahrenheit
Donald is a working man
Supports his kids the best he can
And there’s a piece of
Something missing
He don’t know what it is
The simple man he used to be?
An old tune from 83?
The dreaming budget’s getting tight
He’s losing Fahrenheit.

Alena’s woken from a dream
Dead awake from baby’s screaming
There’s a piece of something missing
She don’t know what it is
All the pressures have combined
Is this what Kurt had in mind?
Her blues have lost
Some of their bright
She’s losing Fahrenheit.

And if the world should end
Just wanna find my best friend
If the world should end
Fade in my best friend

Jay’s whored himself around the town
Sees no reason to turn his life around
There’s always been a little missing
He don’t know what it is
He wants someone to celebrate him
Cuddle and decaffeinate him
Bodies wandering the night
Losing Fahrenheit…
Track Name: Perfect As You
Astronauts see it in the air
Buildings are falling
And there’s danger everywhere
The insignificants I let surround me
Makes me smile to know
Your thoughts have touched upon me

From a fairy tale you’re my fallen angel
If you’re not mine I’ll rewrite the pages
So I’ll catch you now you’re my fallen angel
Not too many people are as perfect as you

Rising up from underneath the water
The mail is killing and the night was hurting me
The insignificance I let surround me
Fades away when your leg’s kicking into me

I could give my body to you
Big deal I’ve done that many times before
So I offer my arms to you
And that’s something that I’ve never given
Someone before.
Track Name: Skygazing
I should turn around
Because I know that you work here
Feels so good to see you again
There’s a lot of mess to clean up in my head
But I never gave up no matter what I said
And still I think of when you were sleeping
And there was no hating in your eyes
So much got lost in all the screaming
But I – I never forgot how I felt before the fight

I find it really hard to hate you
Because those were the best days of my life
(You shouldn’t hold on much longer)

I said to my friend
“What if I’m wrong…what if I made you in head”
She said “Don’t you ever say that…
no and don’t you ever think that
Because we have our dreams
That’s all we’ve got…
And when we let them go we’re gone…”
These moments are mine till I die.
And there’s that place in my head
Where you’re still sleeping
Before there was hating in your eyes
If I could walk through gravity
I’d bring us back down to the common ground
Where we used to be.

And even when you’re gone you never go
And even when I go you’re never really gone
But day has finally come
That I let it all go.
Track Name: Dancing In Your Blue
You didn’t have the money to eat
But I loved my stars like you loved your concrete
I rarely notice stars anymore
‘Cause my city is bright
Memories in the country with you…

Chorus 1:
I still see you – you’re dancing in a circle
I still see you – you’re dancing in your blue

Spent years worried I was losing my hair
I didn’t care that I’ve been losing my mind
In the midst of a decade with no name
All the progress we’ve made
Nobody’s enslaved
And we keep missing them old days

Chorus 2:
I still see you – you’re dancing in a circle
I still see you – you smell like summertime
I still see you – you’re dancing in your blue

Never ran to New York
Like everyone who thinks their city’s too small
Never wrote a manifesto
‘Cause it wouldn’t change a thing
Never thought myself different
In a song that’s probably been written before
We’re all broken down and numbing up
And we only wanted love
Baby we’re all broken down and numbing up
And we only wanted love
Well honey I’m so easy to find
(So it’s time I stop lurking)

Lately it seems it’s not our time anymore
They don’t play our songs anymore
And sometimes life stops shining
Well I hope that you never stopped shining

Repeat Chorus

Would you say that you missed me baby?
Would you say would you say would you say
That you missed me?
Track Name: My Silver Lining
You’re my silver lining
Now’s the right time to feel good
You’re my silver lining
Now’s the right time

I had to let go of ‘93 to ‘02
So I could move forward with you
I had to stop beating myself up
Over misguided things
I’m still tempted to do
I don’t know you that well yet
‘Cause knowing takes time
And I’ll be your hideout
If you will be mine

Repeat Chorus

Grace likened love to work in ‘96
I’m scared I’ll find truth in her words
Yes some have done me wrong
I hurt myself twice as bad twice as long
And now I’m working overtime
Trying to fix myself
Trying to fix myself
I still like to sing my songs
And be at your side
I’ll act as your lighthouse
If you’ll act as mine

Repeat Chorus

(Can’t walk across country for you)
And every time that I see you baby
(Can’t change who I am for you)
And every time that you walk on by me
(I am who I am ‘cause you)
It’s such a pleasure to know you
This young in my life…

Now’s the right time to feel good…
Track Name: Lights On
Hey baby throw off the covers
The bed’s not getting made tonight
Well I notice how you shrink
When I turn on the light
Well darling you’re gorgeous
But I’ve already seen your smile
Nothing gets me hotter than knowing that you’ll stay awhile

You’re not on trial
Stop feeling guilty
There’s nothing dirty
About talking filthy

And I’ll only mmmm
If we can do it with the lights on
And I’ll only mmm mmm mmm
If we can do it with the lights on

Well darlin’ I love you
You know I’m gonna stick around
Tonight let’s get crazy
It’s time to pull the sheets down
When I kiss you don’t falter
I need to feel you there beside
Our bedroom an altar
And you’re body is my shrine

Repeat Bridge
Repeat Chorus

Guilty Guilty Guilty Guilty Guilty
Not filthy filthy filthy filthy filthy

Not guilty
‘Cause baby I love you
I know that you love me
Can we do it?
Hell yeah!
Track Name: Beautiful Boy
Beautiful boy you’ve got great style
Beautiful boy you’ve got great lips
Come sit next to me for awhile
Let’s be glamorous and eclipse everyone in this room
I’m feeling needy and intense
You’re the first boy who makes sense
Let’s own this town tonight

Beautiful boy I’m so in love with you
Beautiful boy make my dreams come true

Beautiful boy you’re new to town
Beautiful boy I’ve been around
Do you go home with boys like me?
Do you go home with boys who throw things up their nose?
We can do Paris can do Rome
We can make love we can make home
Let’s own this room tonight

Repeat Chorus

I wanna kiss you get chills when I see you
Tonight’s that special night
I’m gonna steal it
It’s my deck gonna deal it
A force of nature baby
You look like a million dollars and then some
If you slip through my hands
I’ll locomotive back to you

There’s so many people in the world tonight
Who are gonna sleep alone
And there’s me…and there’s you
And there’s me and there’s you
So much in love
So much in love
Go home with me tonight
Track Name: One Phone Call
All of my friends that killed themselves
They had pretty smiles
Randy crazy hat and his crazy hair
Dance floor dancing wild
Why didn’t you call me?

Mike with his guitar and his scrambled words
Adam with his music playing
Charlie was still pretty with a sore in his mouth
Richard I miss your complaining
Why didn’t you call me?

I’m so mad at you
I was one phone call away
I’m so mad at you
I was one phone call away

I’d have climbed to the top of your bridge
Swam through the ditch to your van
Tested my running skills to get to your room
Lit a candle just as fast as I can
Why didn’t you call me?

All of my friends immortalized in this song
It feels like a waste of time
I know if you were all here you would sing along
But then you wouldn’t own these lines
I should have called you

I’m so mad at you
I was one phone call away
I’m so mad at you
I was one phone call away
Track Name: Oh Sweet Boy
Oh sweet boy
Can you feel it?
When you're dancing
Can you feel it?

Someone out there took his last breath
Someone out there bleeding to death
Someone out there son won't come home
I'm so jealous of your smile...

Repeat Chorus

Someone out there in foreclosure
Someone out there logs in alone
Someone out there tears and some scabs
I'm so jealous of your high

Repeat Chorus

Come on come on...
Track Name: World Won't Do It (Radio Edit)
Don’t like your friends
Don’t like your job
Oh no you hate it hate it
Don’t got no money
Don’t got a life
Oh no you hate it hate it
Well the world won’t do it for ya

You’re in a cave
You’re in a shell
You say you can’t breathe
Can’t breathe
You’re down and out
So down and out
You say you’re comfortable
In your scars
Well the world won’t do it for ya
No the world won’t do it

World won’t do it for you no no
World won’t do it for you no no
World won’t do it for you no no
Hey Hey Hey Hey!

You feel pressure
You feel lonely
Say that nothing
Makes you feel gold
No one can hold you
When you’re Hanging on to phantoms
It’s not the number
That’s making you old
Well the world won’t do it for ya
No the world won’t do it


Get out of bed
Open the front door
Get in your car and drive
I’m feeling so alive!

Track Name: Manhunt
I thumb through my phone book
Stop at the letter “x”
At the end of my contacts
No prospect of sex
Never thought
There would come a time
I’d be in a drought
So I have to make myself pretty
Put on my jeans and go out

I’m on a man hunt man hunt
I’m not looking for the one
I’m on a man hunt man hunt
I just want one night of fun

I wake up by myself
There’s something that I miss
Someone to lay next to me
I can roll over and kiss
Then I wonder if sometimes
I just wanna be alone
“I will meet you at midnight boy”
I say to my phone


There’s got to be a better way
To face the night
Looking in every direction
For Mr. Right
I’ve got the money got the looks and I’ve got the place
With all this disease
I better play it safe
Track Name: Force Of Nature (feat Ashley Lash)
I feel the air I see the sky
The rain is falling down
Overcast I’m feeling lonely
Time is rolling by
I feel the wind beneath my skin
As it holds me tight
See the sun drift away
It’s on its way tonight
I see it coming…I feel it coming
(I feel it coming and it feels so good)

I try to run to my surprise
There’s no place to hide
Moving quickly didn’t know
If the storm was on my side
Lifted up thrown so fast
It’s all so tragic and comforting
Good and bad never last
Frightened into euphoria
I see it coming…I feel it coming

Hurricane – spin me around again
Earthquake – I’m on the ground again
As much as I hate feeling down
As much as I hate feeling cold
It is home

Now it’s gone and I’m still here
Changed but still the same
Sorta blurry sorta clear
A wearable insane
I feel the air I see the sky
A bittersweet goodbye
Smiling brightly kissing chaos
See you next time
When are you coming…and I know you’re coming

Hurricane – cyclone – tornado – earthquake
Up down – spin around – dizzy dazed – twist shake
As much as I hate feeling down
As much as I hate feeling cold
It is home
Track Name: White Glint (feat Digital Geist)
All you need to play
A shield and a band aid
The punches hurt at first
Then you lose your thirst
Hope your armor’s strong
The battle’s very long
Today you’re in the sun
Time’s up and you’re done

Just follow the white glint
Just follow the white glint

Til you’re immune to it
Pack a strong tourniquet
Gauze and shooting stars
Turn routine and subpars
Mourn for all the pain
Yesterday you were so vain
If I could go back in time
No thank you, I’m fine

Just follow the white glint
Just follow the white glint

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